Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Microsoft ' upset ' Name Change Nokia

Microsoft reportedly still undecided will change the name of Nokia phones to be. The Redmond -based company was named the new company into a Microsoft Mobile Oy , but it is not a brand name mobile phones .

Microsoft Mobile Oy is the name of the Microsoft division results from the purchase of Nokia . But to build a brand on a mobile phone , the company made ​​by Bill Gates was still confusion in giving names .
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Based on previous reports said that Microsoft was going to wear the brand in various series phones Nokia Lumia , Asha , or feature phone . However, the use of the name Nokia is not permanent , temporary alias .

The reason , as reported by PhoneArena , Tuesday ( 29/04/2014 ) , Nokia already has a big name in the mobile device world for decades already . Therefore, Microsoft is thinking of a suitable name that does not have a variety of devices pabrikkannya sinking name of Nokia .

Reportedly , the brand name of Microsoft Surface could be an option to name the entire device . Because as is known , the Surface name already well known by most people and it is considered to have the name though not as big as Nokia .


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