Saturday, April 19, 2014

Performers Tourism Forum DIY Form "Jogja make miss"

A number of actors and practitioners of tourism in Yogyakarta Special Region and create a forum " Jogja Ngangeni " as a forum for exchange of information and development of the tourism sector .

' Forum ' Jogja Ngangeni ' is an informal community consisting of practitioners DIY holidays , " said Chairman of the Tourist Guide Association ( HPI ) DIY Imam Widodo , Friday ( 18/04/2014 ) .

According to him , the tourism practitioners among tour guides , tour operators , public relations ( PR ) travel agents , hotel and restaurant PR , PR agencies both private and government tourism , event organizers who have a strong commitment to promote tourism in the province .

" The formation of this forum was initiated by the community in the DIY guides that considers the importance of a strong braided and dynamic relationship between tourism actors in the province , " he said .

According to the Imam , the forum began with a group of " online " in a social media network group " Jogja Ngangeni " which operated since the last three months .

" Further inland meeting held Tuesday, April 15, 2014 in NDE Luweh Resto , Jl . Ngeksigondo 54 Kotagede Yogyakarta , " he said .

Meanwhile, according to the promoter Irsyam Luweh NDE Forum " Jogja Ngangeni " , the forum which currently has a membership of about 25 people tried to build a harmonious dynamic between the members of a forum so they can hone mutual compassion and foster and develop abilities , skills and passion in building tourism.
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" The important thing for members of the community is the real action in building and exciting tourism in Yogyakarta is not NATO , aka no action talk only, " he said .


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