Tuesday, April 22, 2014

From the article to the Vice President

SATURDAY dated February 16, 2013 and at a hotel in Jakarta , senior economist JB Sumarlin birthday 80th with the launch of her biography titled JB Sumarlin , chili Born in Rice and JB Sumarlin among the Companions .

This event became the talk of the journalist and one of the workers to the office of Vice President Boediono , Kurie Suditomo , in The Hague , the Netherlands , dated March 17, 2014 . Kurie very enthusiastic about discussing the show Sumarlin because the vice president was giving a speech .

In his speech , the vice president who nicknamed Pak Boed say happy allowed giving a speech because he is a former men Sumarlin . "If the flashback , back to back , maybe longer , but I took one event alone , "
said Mr. Boed .

" In 1983 , I wrote in Kompas on devaluation . At that time I was a university lecturer in the interior there , in Yogyakarta . Without I realize it is a very short article was read a minister , "said the Vice President .

The minister was , said Mr. Boed , is also head of the National Development Planning Agency ( Bappenas ) Professor JB Sumarlin .

" That's where the turning point of my career . At first I really wanted to be a lecturer at Gadjah Mada University . However , the occurrence of the Minister JB Sumarlin read my article , everything changed , " said Mr. Boed while smiling .

Boediono , the UGM lecturers , then recruited Sumarlin through Adrianus Mooy . " Mr. Mooy , also a former boss of mine , has a connection with UGM . So it seems smooth once I pulled into Bappenas and that was the beginning of my involvement in government to date , " said Mr. Boed .

Bappenas office located near the vice president's official residence in Jalan Diponegoro in Menteng , Jakarta , for Mr. Boed is penggemblengan him . There Pak Boed have to work hard . Cultures obtained Pak Boed hard work from that place . Pak Boed enter Bappenas originated from two echelons below the direct Adrianus Mooy . " It really gives an amazing experience , " said Mr. Boed .

While working at Bappenas , Mr. Boed almost every day to go home until 12 o'clock midnight so often protested his wife . For that Mr. Boed must expend energy explaining and understanding to Mrs. Herath Boediono .

Note Sumarlin

In the event Sumarlin notes statehood and national development over the past 14 years, since the start of the Reformation in 1998. " Today was even more distant from the value and direction of Pancasila . Pancasila as no longer animates the life of the nation in various fields , whether political, economic , social and cultural , "said Sumarlin when it .

For Sumarlin , after 1998 , Pancasila is no longer a reference in many lives . According to him , the result of the Guidelines ( the Guidelines of State Policy ) does not exist .
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But , why is there no guidelines, and dark events in May 1998 . Guidelines should not be implemented in the style of dictators , corruption , collusion , and nepotism . It was dangerous to Pancasila .


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