Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Estimated Rupiah Still Being Rp11.440-Rp11.428

JAKARTA - The rate of the rupiah against the U.S. dollar (U.S.) is expected to move at the level of Rp11.440-Rp11.428 per USD according to the exchange rate of Bank Indonesia (BI).

"Dollar rate below the resistance level Rp11.430 per USD," said Head of Research Securities Trust Reza Priyambada in his research, Jakarta, Wednesday (16/04/2014).

Reza added, the rate of increase is still continuing Rupiah. In fact, the rise and fall in the exchange rate of the euro after ECB President, Mario Draghi, expressed the appreciation of the Euro to the front will trigger more monetary stimulus.

Reza reveals, but the impact is still the flow of foreign funds into the market to make the rate of Euro was able to continue its gains. "The release of U.S. retail sales rose above estimates, helped make the rate of the U.S. dollar strengthened," he explained.
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In trading yesterday, the Euro exchange rate in the spot market amid BI is quoted in Rp11.434 per USD. Rupiah move in the range Rp11.377-Rp11.491 per USD.

JAKARTA - The rupiah against the U.S. dollar ( U.S. ) to move stagnant . Rupiah trade moves along with minor fluctuations .

Bloomberg Dollar Index launched on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) , the rupiah to trade non - delivery forward ( NDF ) closed up 10 points, or 0.1 percent, to Rp11.427 per USD . The rupiah movement today is in the range of Rp11.420 - Rp11.442 per USD .

While the exchange rate of Bank Indonesia ( BI ) in the spot market in Jisdor , noted exist in Rp11.434 Rupiah per USD . Rupiah today move in the range of Rp11.377 - Rp11.491 per USD .

Head of Research and Analysis BNI , Nurul Eti Nurbaeti , said the rupiah continued to increase as a sell-off by foreign investors in the domestic stock market . But the stock market is able to strengthen and closed in the green zone .

He went on , the market is still not escape the shock , when the results of the legislative elections are not as expected . " Domestic financial markets are still awaiting the results of the legislative election results party coalition last week , " he said in his research .


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