Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Israel Build Ultra Cheap Apartments Rp 500 Billion Per Unit

Residential property boom is also occurring in the two major cities of Israel , Tel Aviv , and Jerusalem . Even in the last two years , a tall residential building dominates the city skyline two .

Property boom occurred after the period of the second intifada . Political stability and security and then encourage businesses to expand their business . The expansion of this business that have an impact on the property market rapidly . It is characterized skyrocketing home prices at the time the property values ​​in the United States actually dropped .

Tel Aviv currently has a number of vertical properties , including the prestigious project and ultramewah , The Meier on Rothschild . This is an apartment tower designed Pritzker Architecture Prize winner , Richard Meier , and developed by Berggruen Residential Ltd. .

The Meier on Rothschild occupies the heart of Tel Aviv , or rather in Rothschild Boulevard . Business and financial corridor is as popular as Fifth Avenue in New York , USA . The building will consist of 42 floors . Each unit comes with a private storage room and wine cellar . Another complementary features semi olympic swimming pool .

Eighty percent of the total super luxury residence has been sold . The remaining 20 percent includes penthouse with a private pool , priced at 51.5 million U.S. dollars, or more than Rp 500 billion ( U.S. $ 584.8 billion to be exact ) .

The Meier on Rothschild is one of the few developed ultramewah apartment in Tel Aviv , and Jerusalem in the last decade . According to property analysts Excellence Brokerage Services , Shay Lipman , prestigious projects are present to answer the growing need .

" Necessity is mainly derived from foreigners , including Russia , the United States , and Europe , especially Belgium , and France . However , partly because of rising anti - Semitism in Europe , " he said .
Lipman added that expatriates spend a few weeks and months in Israel to work with high welfare standards .
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In addition to super luxury apartments , Israel is also filled with a medium-scale development . In the heart of Jerusalem , Rav Kook Street which is 7 , there is the development of African - Israel Residences . The apartments are marketed at a price of U.S. $ 2 million ( USD 22.6 billion ) for the smallest size , and 3.4 million U.S. dollars (USD 36.2 billion ) for the penthouse .

Who is a buyer's market these apartments ? They are young people who produced 1950-1960s generation . They bought this apartment for residence and also as an investment tool which is then leased back .


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