Thursday, April 10, 2014

Without This Year Anniversary Ceremony Tegal Tegal Speak

Anniversary ceremony Tegal 434 which will be held in the town square on Saturday, April 12, 2014 will use the Indonesian language, not the language of Tegal as a tradition each year .

If the ceremony with language Tegal , Tegal Mayor Siti problem Masitha Soeparno newly inaugurated on March 23 did not speak the language fluently Tegal . According to Acting ( Acting ) Regional Secretary Kemala Sintha Tegal Diah , Indonesian ceremonial use for the ceremony official agenda . " So it must be in Indonesian , " he said , Thursday, April 10, 2014 .

When Tempo , Siti claimed to continue to learn to use the language of Tegal in between his spare time . " On each occasion I learned . Due trampled earth in which there upheld the sky , " said South Jakarta Mayor origin shows that while identity card ( KTP ) new addressable Tegal .
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Language is one of Tegal dialect of Javanese language in Tegal and a number of other areas in coastal North Coast ( coast) . This dialect is also commonly referred to as the language ngapak - ngapak . The use of language Tegal Tegal each day so the ceremony is a cultural preservation efforts , especially Tegal language.

Last year , for example , the anniversary ceremony to Tegal Tegal 433 languages ​​. Tegal language when it is spoken not only gives each commander ceremony on cue . Language is also used Tegal Tegal Mayor Ikmal Jaya when reading the speech . No doubt , an annual ceremony that has always attracted the attention of the media crew as impressed by the unique and funny . ( read : Kala Language Tegal So Ceremony Official Languages ​​)

Although it will use Indonesian , Diah said the Government Tegal Tegal still trying to preserve the language in the ceremony so Tegal to 434 . "Later in the mayor's speech to insert a few words of Tegal , " he said . Diah , there are many other ways to preserve the language Tegal than through the ceremony so .

Head of Public Relations Tegal , Rev. Mark Priyono , say , a series of activities to commemorate the anniversary of Tegal started since Friday, April 11 , through Wednesday, April 30 . " In addition to the ceremony , the anniversary of Tegal also commemorated with a variety of other activities , " said Mark . The activities included tree planting , peagelaran art , snacks festivals , and carnivals .


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