Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jokowi-JK Siap tancap Gas

Mate of the presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate , Joko Widodo - Jusuf Kalla , has been finalizing the strategy and ready to step on the gas face the presidential election of 2014. Winning team will begin to plunge to ensure voter support .

Winning directing team members Jokowi - JK , Puan Maharani , said time toward a vote already semakain close . He called on all machines the winning team immediately execute strategies that have been developed with the winning team Jokowi - JK .
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"A month later , we have to reduce the coordination meetings and increased action , " Puan said , while inaugurating the national campaign team post Sisingamangaraja , South Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/27/2014 ) . The inauguration of the national post as well as a marker that the winning team and volunteers JK Jokowi - ready work together to implement the strategy set .

This was also the whole of the post - Indonesian volunteers will be coordinated so that the campaign can be utilized to the optimum . " From the ( post ) here will be governed issue of what is played today , the issue of what is played tomorrow . If there is a national post , it will be easy to coordinate all the volunteers , " said Jokowi .

Shaft Jokowi - JK coalition will work together to seek victory in the presidential election . Synergy was done by appointing regional coordinators in accordance with the map strength of five party supporters .

All heads of regions in Indonesia from supporting the party will also be used as a command of the winning team with the chairman of the party in the province , or the district / city .

Puan said the coalition had a shaft about 170 head area. Of volunteers , call him , there are at least 25 organizations have registered volunteers .

The number of voluntary organizations that continue to grow , with the entry of Nasdem Party , PKB , Hanura , and PKPI as a party supporter . The area that became the main focus is to win all provinces in Java , Bali , East Kalimantan , Lampung , North Sumatra and Aceh .

Jokowi also had said it would mobilize volunteers for her campaign door to door from the RT / RW . The strategy was done to slash limitations , optimize resources , and streamline support raising .

Meanwhile, according to JK , the cohesiveness of the winning team is absolutely necessary in order to run an effective campaign . Because Indonesia has vast areas , coupled with cultural and social life of different people .

"Basically , there are two things that need to be convinced . Firstly , whether the vision , mission and programs can be accepted . Then the most important is whether Jokowi - JK can be trusted by the people to run it . Belief that we need to be , " said Kalla .


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pristono Legal Team Will Go up Ahok

Member legal team of former Head of Department of Transportation Udar Pristono will visit the City Hall to meet with the Vice Governor of Jakarta Tjahaja Basuki Purnama .

One member of the legal team Pristono , Razman Arif said , they would demand an apology Basuki above statements pertaining to them and their clients . The legal team comes from Eggy Sudjana and Partners Advocates and Counsellor at Law .

" Now we 've been on the road to City Hall , meet Ahok to ask for clarification directly to Ahok , " said Razman , when contacted by reporters in Jakarta , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .
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He said , there are some statements that make Ahok Pristono legal team offense . Namely , the statement " crazy " to one of the team 's attorney , Hasan Basri . As well , challenging Basuki Pristono to invite noisier .

According Razman , Basuki statements have been harassing or demeaning the dignity of the profession advocates . To that end , they plan to demand an apology from Basuki within 3x24 hours .

" If not consciously , apologized to the media , we will process legal . Ahok We report to Police Headquarters , " said Razman .

Pristono legal team plans to report Basuki article unpleasant acts . In fact , on ( 16/01/2014 ), the Constitutional Court ( MK ) granted the petition for legislation ( PUU ) No. 1/1946 on the draft Criminal Code ( Criminal Code ) and Act No. 8/1981 on the draft Criminal Procedure Code (Criminal Code ) .

The Court stated the phrase " something else or act unpleasant treatment " in Article 335 paragraph ( 1 ) item 1 of the Criminal Code is contrary to the 1945 Constitution . Phrase " something else or act unpleasant treatment " has created legal uncertainty and injustice .

Currently , his clients , Pristono re-examined by the Attorney General's Office ( AGO ) . He hoped that the Attorney General does not hold Pristono . Because, according to him , the evidence of corruption Pristono unmet .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Indonesia and Australia Includes Happiest Countries in the World

Blessed to be an Indonesian . Why why ?
In a report compiled by Gallup Inc. recently , Indonesia and Australia entered into the list of the 20 happiest countries in the world . Indonesia is ranked 12th , while Australia is lower , in 18th position .

Gallup Institute Inc. conducted interviews and surveys to 1,000 people from 138 countries . Respondents involved in the survey at least 15 years old and likely have a good rest, a day before the survey .

The results of this survey and then inserted into the list of global indices positive experience . This year the figure reached 71 of the highest value , namely 100 .
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Overall, the results show that the citizens of the world happier than eight years ago when the agency compiled a list of positive emotions .
Latin America dominate

The countries of Latin America dominated the list of the happiest countries in defeating western countries . Nine countries are ranked in the top ten come from Latin America , with Paraguay in the top position . Paraguay had three consecutive years of being at the top of the index reached 87 .

Panama is in second place with a score of 86 , while Guatemala , Nicaragua and Ecuador , ranked mendudukin three , four , and five , with a score of 83 .

According to the report , the dominance of Latin American countries " reflects a cultural tendency in the region to focus on a more positive life ."


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cows RNI Imports from Australia in September 2014

President Director of PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia ( Persero ) Ismed Hasan Putro said it has determined the location of the transit cows imported from Australia , which is in PG Teak Seven Indramayu and Majalengka .

Currently , development is being accelerated transit locations to be completed in July or August .
" Thus , to September was able to bring cattle imports , " he told Kompas.com , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .
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Ismed say , 3,000 cows to be imported from Australia and simental limousine manifold . He said 10 percent of the total cattle breeding cattle imported form .

It was intended to add to the national cattle population , which declined sharply in the last five years .

Ismed said , each site is able to accommodate 1,000 animals in transit . " Now it has not been imported , we still bring in local cattle of Sumbawa , Bali , and from Lombok .
Every week there are 10 tons , " he said .

Previously , Ismed said that the licensing of imports beef from Australia is still hampered by the administration of the Ministry of Agriculture , in addition to the transit location uncertain .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jokowi: We Are Often attacked

Presidential candidate who carried the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDIP ) , Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) admitted to not worry about the fat coalition held stronghold Prabowo . According to Jokowi , he was used to being in a position surrounded by great powers .

" We often it's been attacked , " he said after attending the final session of the national coordination meeting for winning the presidential election in JS Luwansa Hotel , Jalan Rasuna Said , South Jakarta , Tuesday ( 20/5 ) night .( Read: burung pentet gacor )

Although surrounded by the strength of the major parties , presidential candidate Jusuf Kalla paired with the remains optimistic about winning . Therefore , Jokowi sure , he was backed by the power of the people is greater than the strength of the opponent .
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"If the people are behind us , I believe , God willing ( win ) , " said the husband Iriana .

According to Jokowi , which is seen by many people today is not the party or at least support , but the quality of each candidate . Therefore , Jokowi admitted to not worry .

As is known , Jokowi- JK is supported by five parties , namely PDIP , National Democrats , National Awakening Party ( PKB ) , Hanura , and PKPI . Meanwhile , Prabowo - Hatta camp supported by the six parties , namely Gerindra , the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) , the United Development Party ( PPP ) , the Golkar Party , and the Crescent Star Party (PBB ) .


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Many pregnant Hazardous Materials, Toys & Games Necessary To Meet SNI

Ministry of Industry prioritize the implementation of Indonesia National Standard ( SNI ) for product Small and Medium Industry ( SMI ) . One of the HPI that should meet the SNI is toys .

" In the framework of the implementation of the ASEAN free market at the end of 2015 , the Directorate General of the Ministry of Industry SMEs , Indonesia prioritize implementation of national standards for children's toys , SNI enjoined started since 30 April 2014 , as many contain hazardous materials , " said Euis Saedah , Director General of the Ministry of Industry SME Monday ( 19.05.2014 ) .
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Euis explained , the purpose of the application of SNI for these products one of which is to protect the interests of consumers .

The implementation of SNI toys began on 30 April 2014 . Since that date will be held supervisory coaching application SNI until October 30, 2014 .

If in this period has not yet SNI then the business will be prohibited to be traded .

While the basis for prosecution for violations hukup SNI implementation of new toys will be in place from 31 October 2014. " For law enforcement , will be introduced on October 31, 2014 , " said Euis .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rafi's body was brought home to Sampang

After getting treatment and cleaned , the body of M Rafi ( 3 ) , taken home to be buried in his hometown in Sampang , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) at around 14:00 pm .

The body and his entourage joined together in a white ambulance car plate number W 8081 NJ , owned by PT Angkasa Pura I Juanda International Airport branch , and escorted by security forces Lanudal Juanda . Rafi 's father , Taufiq , did not participate because they were in Sidoarjo Police .

Public Relations of PT Angkasa Pura I Juanda International Airport Branch , Justinian Andrias , said it gives the facility return the bodies to their hometowns and provide compensation to the family .
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" When the incident was , as we know , directly to the scene , took the victim to a hospital participating Lanudal and waiting . Aids Now we return to the Sampang , " he explained .

was dragged

Rafi was killed after a police car Alphard black numbered S 1771 NG " wandering " into the lobby Juanda International Airport Terminal 2 and the group hit a family that was waiting .

At that time , they had just arrived from Sampang to pick up his aunt , Sumarti , who just returned to work from Malaysia .

Sunima ( 32 ) , aunt of the mother Rafi , when met at the hospital Soehantyo Tjahja , complex Lanudal Juanda , explains , when a Toyota Alphard actually seen a car crashed into the left rear end of the Honda Accord , everyone was shocked .

" But Mina is sitting while her lap , kesenggol . Rafi in his arms , and dragged off , " said Sunima to Solar Online .

Mina , he added , became hysterical when she saw her son who was driving the car dragged the AW . Fortunately , the barrier metal pole so that the body be dragged Rafi did not run over the tire . However , because the trail head torn Rafi car footrest at the bottom .

The officers at the scene immediately brought to the hospital Rafi Lanudal closest Juanda . However , on the way , Rafi breathed his last .

Mina itself is not seriously injured . There are only a bruise on the thigh and calf . However , he did not stop hysterically when she saw the body of Rafi .


Friday, May 2, 2014

Sri Mulyani disappointed with BI's supervision on Century

Former minister of finance , Sri Mulyani was disappointed with Bank Indonesia 's decision over the Bank Century . The regulator Century Bank categorized as a Potentially failed banks that posed a systemic threat to the banking sector . She said it after the Financial Sector Policy Committee ( KKSK ) meeting on November 21, 2008 .

BI then prepared a short - term financial assistance ( FPJP ) to save the Century . However , three days later ( Monday , November 24, 2008 ) , Mulyani knew that there was something hidden by the BI when KKSK took the decision .
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" Century was truly a troubled bank implied by BI after the KKSK 's decision was given . 's All Century securities bonds were matured from the initial period in early 2009, " Mulyani said on Friday as reported by Gilang Akbar testifying.

Mulyani then asked all members who KKSK 's BI 's Officials were also about the bonds mature . She saw that there was negligence in the BI 's supervision over the Bank Century since 2005 . BI analysis was so weak so it could not see the actual condition of the Bank Century .

" I was so disappointed , why did not the BI give the important information before November 21, 2008 . Why they explained it three days later , " Mulyani said .

The result , FPJP funds worth 623 billion USD still failed to save Bank Century , even the 6.7 trillion USD of the bailout could not help the banks , the which had now been renamed as Bank Mutiara . The Managing Director of the World Bank is now undergoing the examination as a witness in this case .


2013 , Pertamina LPG Tube Annihilate 60 Thousand Worth Rp 3 Billion

PT Pertamina ( Persero ) in 60 thousand years ago destroyed the LPG cylinder which has expired . Value of destroyed tubes reached 3 billion .

" In 2013 there were 60 thousand LPG cylinder . Its worth almost Rp 3 billion , " said Operation Area Manager Region III Pertamina , M. Arief Hendra , in the LPG Depot Plumpang , Jakarta , Friday, May 2, 2014 .
Hendra said , the number of LPG cylinders melons are destroyed far more than 12 kg.Menurutnya tube , it is because the LPG cylinder melon getting unfavorable treatment from society .
Unfortunately , no mention of the number of LPG cylinders and tubes 12 kg melon is destroyed .

" Tube LPG 12 kg , it is not easy to be thrown . If 3 kg LPG cylinder , often thrown . Happens , often broken , " he said .
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Hendra said , before the gas cylinder refilled LPG depot , Pertamina officials inspect the condition of the tube for leaks and when to end the age of the tube . If there is leakage , such as leak valve ( valve ) , a leak at the weld tube and valve leaks , the officer immediately fix it .

" But , if there is a leak in the tube body , it should not be repaired . Directly destroyed , " he said .

Similarly, the age of the tube . If the gas tube is still strong and there is no leakage of the valve , Pertamina will recondition the tube with paint again .

Hendra said, the minimum number of tubes which destroyed the 25 thousand tubes . Pertamina use the services of third parties to melt the tube .

" The tubes were destroyed in the auction ( smelting company that has been through an auction process ) . Tubes were first cut into pieces , after it was brought to the smelter , " he said .

But , before destroying the canisters , Pertamina must go through a series of processes for an LPG cylinder of state assets , such as the calculation of assets and acquisition license melting which takes up to two months .

Furthermore, he explained , Pertamina prepares new tubes as a replacement tube is not feasible to use the 1 million LPG cylinders 3 900 kg and 12 kg LPG cylinder . It is , in order not to reduce the number of LPG cylinders in the market .

According to him , the new LPG cylinders were purchased in companies that have gone through the tender and already holds the Indonesian National Standard ( SNI ) of the Ministry of Industry . ( adi )