Monday, March 31, 2014

Simplify Search With 'Universal Search'

You may never forget the time promises to friends while chatting . Or it could be the opposite , when you forget your boss ever asked you to do something by chat . Because of its length usually makes communication in chat you do not remember anything about what was said by chat .
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This certainly will not be repeated for WeChat for Android users . The presence of a new feature titled ' Universal Search' guaranteed to minimize the incident as above .

New features included in version 5.2 update WeChat lets you avoid reprimand friends or relatives due to forgetting important appointments or events .

 Unlike the other search features , users can instantly browse WeChat conversation with one user or to all users in the list of conversations WeChat . Just by typing in certain keywords that you remember to explore these important appointments or events .

To perform a search , the user can reopen the window WeChat chat or conversation list and then type a specific word in the Search field located at the top of the application .

Search results according to the keywords you enter will be instantly displayed on the phone screen . For example you are looking for a conversation using the keyword ' Hi ' in the list of conversations or with specific contacts , it will show all WeChat complete conversation with the user name and the time when the call is in progress using these keywords .
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Happy ending the habit of forgetting to celebrate important events or appointments with loved ones !

source:http://www. okezone .com/

Friday, March 14, 2014

Can Selfie in Central Park Streets Free to Singapore !

Can Selfie in Central Park Streets Free to Singapore !
Singapore Tourism Board through YourSingapore again providing the opportunity for Indonesian travelers to walk in Singapore , for free ! Way too easy , you just simply selfie with mobile phones or gadgets owned .

Singapore Tourism Board held a contest Experience Singapore for Jakarta residents in the Central Park Mall , West Jakarta . At the mall now spread installation event icons and popular tourist attractions in Singapore , such as the River Safari , Gardens By The Bay , Merlion , and others .
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" In addition to commemorating 50 years of Singapore's tourism , Merlion installations , and tourist icons of Singapore also can use to win free streets to Singapore , " said Michele Wooi , Indonesia Area Director, Singapore Tourism Board , during a press conference in Jakarta , recently.

To enter this contest , you have to take pictures yourself ( selfie ) at the installations , then send the photo via twitter with the twitter account @ Singasik mention . You also have to explain the reasons why to come to the place in Singapore with hashtag # OnlyinSG . (see also: vitamin burung)

The contest takes place on 12-16 March 2014 , and you may submit more than one photo at a different icon . Do not forget to memfollow twitter @ Singasik and like the Facebook page @ YourSingapore .

Five winners will be selected who get tickets Jakarta - Singapore - Jakarta for two, three days and two nights accommodation and entry tickets Gardens By The Bay , Grease , River Safari and Dinosaurs : Dawn to Extinction .


Thursday, March 6, 2014

What is a Pepper Plant?

Pepper or pepper is often called the scientific name is Piper nigrum L. Pepper is one of the herbs in the form of small grains . Pepper plants are vines and has a single leaf oval pale green and opaque with pointed end scattered with jointed stems Flowers pepper - books are arranged in the form of compound interest and without having unisexual flowers decoration . While the pepper fruit is round with a hard seed but has a soft rind .(see also: pakan burung)

Pepper Plant Habitat
Pepper plants can be grown in regions where tropical climate with adequate rainfall throughout the year. Pepper can flourish at altitudes below 600 meters above sea level with rainfall between 2,200 mm to 5,000 mm per year with sushu ranging from 20o C to 35o C. In addition , pepper requiring humidity between 60 % to 93 % with soil pH ranging from 6 to 7 with good drainage and avoid water from a puddle because it can make the roots rot , especially for young plants . In Indonesia pepper found in many areas of Bangka Island , Lampung , and the Pacific Islands .

Types of Pepper
Type of pepper is influenced by skin color and the marketing process . Several types of pepper are many in the market are white pepper from peppercorns elderly . The second type of pepper is black pepper is produced from the seeds of the pepper is not too old . The third type of pepper is a red pepper that has a slightly sweet flavor and less spicy . The fourth type of pepper is pepper green peppers learned that when he was not too old .

Pepper Benefits for Health (see also: pakan burung top song)
Ladadikenal has many benefits for the health of the body other than the commonly used as food seasonings . Pepper has efficacy in treating some diseases such as headaches , asthma or shortness of breath , lower the risk of breast cancer and tumors . In addition , peppers are also useful as body warmers when cold temperatures and can increase sexual desire for married couples .