Monday, March 31, 2014

Simplify Search With 'Universal Search'

You may never forget the time promises to friends while chatting . Or it could be the opposite , when you forget your boss ever asked you to do something by chat . Because of its length usually makes communication in chat you do not remember anything about what was said by chat .
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This certainly will not be repeated for WeChat for Android users . The presence of a new feature titled ' Universal Search' guaranteed to minimize the incident as above .

New features included in version 5.2 update WeChat lets you avoid reprimand friends or relatives due to forgetting important appointments or events .

 Unlike the other search features , users can instantly browse WeChat conversation with one user or to all users in the list of conversations WeChat . Just by typing in certain keywords that you remember to explore these important appointments or events .

To perform a search , the user can reopen the window WeChat chat or conversation list and then type a specific word in the Search field located at the top of the application .

Search results according to the keywords you enter will be instantly displayed on the phone screen . For example you are looking for a conversation using the keyword ' Hi ' in the list of conversations or with specific contacts , it will show all WeChat complete conversation with the user name and the time when the call is in progress using these keywords .
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Happy ending the habit of forgetting to celebrate important events or appointments with loved ones !

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