Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Six Big East Kalimantan in the National Competition BBGRM

East Kalimantan enter top six races Month Consecrated Mutual Aid Society ( BBGRM ) and Unity Day Motion ( HKG ) PKK national level .

" Once inside the top six , then at around the third week of May 2014 will be announced the winner , Insyallah least 3 Kaltim to be a national champion , " said Head of Community and Village Government ( BPMPD ) Moh Jauhar Efendi in East Kalimantan Samarinda on Tuesday .

Jauhar is accompanied by Head of Resilience and Socio-Cultural Society representing Musa Ibrahim said Kaltim in the race it is manggar Village , District East Balikpapan , Balikpapan City .

He said , the Village of East Kalimantan in the race to represent manggar BBGRM HKG PKK and national level as the village became the first champion at the East Kalimantan province of a few weeks ago .

At that time also held similar races for village category , the first prize in the category of East Kalimantan Provincial village is the first village Rhino Natural Gas , Kutai regency , but the village is only nine survive on a national large due to selection for a fall towards the top six .

According to him , the things that are valued in the race , in addition to the orderly administration also apparent success rate , ie, through verification by the team and the judges who plunge into the field to determine the level of success .

While at the village headman's office or the office , things are assessed , among others, the level of completeness of devices , information programs , the success of information , and other information that is carried in the construction of urban and rural related .
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When the announcement of the winner and HKG BBGRM PKK in Jakarta in May , various competitions and events are also held , such as the exhibition of various products that have been developed by the PKK , and seminars .

The competition will be held , according to him , of which race the orderly administration of the PKK , the prevention of domestic violence ( Domestic Violence ) , Income Generation Family Business ( UP2K ) PKK , Utilization Asri page and toga contest Utilization .

The purpose digabungnya BBGRM with HKG PKK activity is to be interpreted as an effort to improve the togetherness , caring , and a spirit of mutual help to overcome the problems that developed in the community to build the family 's welfare .


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