Friday, May 2, 2014

2013 , Pertamina LPG Tube Annihilate 60 Thousand Worth Rp 3 Billion

PT Pertamina ( Persero ) in 60 thousand years ago destroyed the LPG cylinder which has expired . Value of destroyed tubes reached 3 billion .

" In 2013 there were 60 thousand LPG cylinder . Its worth almost Rp 3 billion , " said Operation Area Manager Region III Pertamina , M. Arief Hendra , in the LPG Depot Plumpang , Jakarta , Friday, May 2, 2014 .
Hendra said , the number of LPG cylinders melons are destroyed far more than 12 kg.Menurutnya tube , it is because the LPG cylinder melon getting unfavorable treatment from society .
Unfortunately , no mention of the number of LPG cylinders and tubes 12 kg melon is destroyed .

" Tube LPG 12 kg , it is not easy to be thrown . If 3 kg LPG cylinder , often thrown . Happens , often broken , " he said .
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Hendra said , before the gas cylinder refilled LPG depot , Pertamina officials inspect the condition of the tube for leaks and when to end the age of the tube . If there is leakage , such as leak valve ( valve ) , a leak at the weld tube and valve leaks , the officer immediately fix it .

" But , if there is a leak in the tube body , it should not be repaired . Directly destroyed , " he said .

Similarly, the age of the tube . If the gas tube is still strong and there is no leakage of the valve , Pertamina will recondition the tube with paint again .

Hendra said, the minimum number of tubes which destroyed the 25 thousand tubes . Pertamina use the services of third parties to melt the tube .

" The tubes were destroyed in the auction ( smelting company that has been through an auction process ) . Tubes were first cut into pieces , after it was brought to the smelter , " he said .

But , before destroying the canisters , Pertamina must go through a series of processes for an LPG cylinder of state assets , such as the calculation of assets and acquisition license melting which takes up to two months .

Furthermore, he explained , Pertamina prepares new tubes as a replacement tube is not feasible to use the 1 million LPG cylinders 3 900 kg and 12 kg LPG cylinder . It is , in order not to reduce the number of LPG cylinders in the market .

According to him , the new LPG cylinders were purchased in companies that have gone through the tender and already holds the Indonesian National Standard ( SNI ) of the Ministry of Industry . ( adi )

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