Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rafi's body was brought home to Sampang

After getting treatment and cleaned , the body of M Rafi ( 3 ) , taken home to be buried in his hometown in Sampang , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) at around 14:00 pm .

The body and his entourage joined together in a white ambulance car plate number W 8081 NJ , owned by PT Angkasa Pura I Juanda International Airport branch , and escorted by security forces Lanudal Juanda . Rafi 's father , Taufiq , did not participate because they were in Sidoarjo Police .

Public Relations of PT Angkasa Pura I Juanda International Airport Branch , Justinian Andrias , said it gives the facility return the bodies to their hometowns and provide compensation to the family .
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" When the incident was , as we know , directly to the scene , took the victim to a hospital participating Lanudal and waiting . Aids Now we return to the Sampang , " he explained .

was dragged

Rafi was killed after a police car Alphard black numbered S 1771 NG " wandering " into the lobby Juanda International Airport Terminal 2 and the group hit a family that was waiting .

At that time , they had just arrived from Sampang to pick up his aunt , Sumarti , who just returned to work from Malaysia .

Sunima ( 32 ) , aunt of the mother Rafi , when met at the hospital Soehantyo Tjahja , complex Lanudal Juanda , explains , when a Toyota Alphard actually seen a car crashed into the left rear end of the Honda Accord , everyone was shocked .

" But Mina is sitting while her lap , kesenggol . Rafi in his arms , and dragged off , " said Sunima to Solar Online .

Mina , he added , became hysterical when she saw her son who was driving the car dragged the AW . Fortunately , the barrier metal pole so that the body be dragged Rafi did not run over the tire . However , because the trail head torn Rafi car footrest at the bottom .

The officers at the scene immediately brought to the hospital Rafi Lanudal closest Juanda . However , on the way , Rafi breathed his last .

Mina itself is not seriously injured . There are only a bruise on the thigh and calf . However , he did not stop hysterically when she saw the body of Rafi .


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