Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jokowi-JK Siap tancap Gas

Mate of the presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate , Joko Widodo - Jusuf Kalla , has been finalizing the strategy and ready to step on the gas face the presidential election of 2014. Winning team will begin to plunge to ensure voter support .

Winning directing team members Jokowi - JK , Puan Maharani , said time toward a vote already semakain close . He called on all machines the winning team immediately execute strategies that have been developed with the winning team Jokowi - JK .
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"A month later , we have to reduce the coordination meetings and increased action , " Puan said , while inaugurating the national campaign team post Sisingamangaraja , South Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/27/2014 ) . The inauguration of the national post as well as a marker that the winning team and volunteers JK Jokowi - ready work together to implement the strategy set .

This was also the whole of the post - Indonesian volunteers will be coordinated so that the campaign can be utilized to the optimum . " From the ( post ) here will be governed issue of what is played today , the issue of what is played tomorrow . If there is a national post , it will be easy to coordinate all the volunteers , " said Jokowi .

Shaft Jokowi - JK coalition will work together to seek victory in the presidential election . Synergy was done by appointing regional coordinators in accordance with the map strength of five party supporters .

All heads of regions in Indonesia from supporting the party will also be used as a command of the winning team with the chairman of the party in the province , or the district / city .

Puan said the coalition had a shaft about 170 head area. Of volunteers , call him , there are at least 25 organizations have registered volunteers .

The number of voluntary organizations that continue to grow , with the entry of Nasdem Party , PKB , Hanura , and PKPI as a party supporter . The area that became the main focus is to win all provinces in Java , Bali , East Kalimantan , Lampung , North Sumatra and Aceh .

Jokowi also had said it would mobilize volunteers for her campaign door to door from the RT / RW . The strategy was done to slash limitations , optimize resources , and streamline support raising .

Meanwhile, according to JK , the cohesiveness of the winning team is absolutely necessary in order to run an effective campaign . Because Indonesia has vast areas , coupled with cultural and social life of different people .

"Basically , there are two things that need to be convinced . Firstly , whether the vision , mission and programs can be accepted . Then the most important is whether Jokowi - JK can be trusted by the people to run it . Belief that we need to be , " said Kalla .


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