Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"People Already Bored Leaders Clever Speech Only"

Chairman Populi Center Nico Harjanto rate, the ability of speech is not directly proportional to the person's ability to lead the nation . Therefore , according to him , the ability of speech presidential candidate number 1 , Prabowo , which was considered much better than the presidential candidate number 2 , Joko Widodo , will not affect much in attracting support .( Read: proses pengecoran aluminium )

" It is not true that speeches capabilities associated with a person's intelligence and ability to lead . Professor formidable , in teaching and in-class course , if too many bad speech , " Nico said in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 06/04/2014 ) .

He pointed out that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is considered by many people to have a great style of speech . However , according to him , SBY 's performance in the 10 -year rule is not so good .

" So , if the speech could have been ugly , even better performance , " said Nico .

According to him , the ability of speech will not arouse the people's choice . Because people today are getting bored with the leader only talker . He added, more people want leaders who work real and not a lot of rhetoric .

" Perhaps the only people who get into the undecided voters , or undecided , which will be consumed in the style of speech , " he said .(Read: harga lampu emergency surya )

Many people start comparing the candidate 's ability Jokowi speech that became his opponent , Prabowo . The ability of both speeches began to attract attention at least after performing in the declaration of election integrity and peaceful General Election Commission held , in Bidakara , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/06/2014 ) night .


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