Saturday, June 7, 2014

Google Introduces Smart Car homemade

I've never made a car "automatically" from existing vehicles, like the Toyota Prius. On Wednesday (28/05/2015), the Internet giant step further by announcing a plan to develop a homemade car designed from the outset to be able to drive without a driver need.
As cited by The Verge on Google's official blog page, automatic car prototype has been created in the form of a vehicle that can carry two passengers.
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His name is a car that can "steer" itself, the Google-made vehicles would not need a steering wheel. Then the component that was removed, following the gas pedal and brake are both absent.

"Sensors and software we are going to replace (the role of the driver)," Google wrote in a blog description on the page in question, adding that the car automatically guaranteed "safe". Its maximum speed is limited to only 25 miles per hour.

Google plans to make about 100 units of the automatic car prototype for testing purposes only around the middle of 2014. If all goes well, within the next few years an initial project will be implemented in California, USA, while embracing more partners for the development of the smart car .

Like what the Google-made sophisticated car? Consider the figure in the video below.


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