Friday, May 23, 2014

Indonesia and Australia Includes Happiest Countries in the World

Blessed to be an Indonesian . Why why ?
In a report compiled by Gallup Inc. recently , Indonesia and Australia entered into the list of the 20 happiest countries in the world . Indonesia is ranked 12th , while Australia is lower , in 18th position .

Gallup Institute Inc. conducted interviews and surveys to 1,000 people from 138 countries . Respondents involved in the survey at least 15 years old and likely have a good rest, a day before the survey .

The results of this survey and then inserted into the list of global indices positive experience . This year the figure reached 71 of the highest value , namely 100 .
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Overall, the results show that the citizens of the world happier than eight years ago when the agency compiled a list of positive emotions .
Latin America dominate

The countries of Latin America dominated the list of the happiest countries in defeating western countries . Nine countries are ranked in the top ten come from Latin America , with Paraguay in the top position . Paraguay had three consecutive years of being at the top of the index reached 87 .

Panama is in second place with a score of 86 , while Guatemala , Nicaragua and Ecuador , ranked mendudukin three , four , and five , with a score of 83 .

According to the report , the dominance of Latin American countries " reflects a cultural tendency in the region to focus on a more positive life ."


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