Friday, May 2, 2014

Sri Mulyani disappointed with BI's supervision on Century

Former minister of finance , Sri Mulyani was disappointed with Bank Indonesia 's decision over the Bank Century . The regulator Century Bank categorized as a Potentially failed banks that posed a systemic threat to the banking sector . She said it after the Financial Sector Policy Committee ( KKSK ) meeting on November 21, 2008 .

BI then prepared a short - term financial assistance ( FPJP ) to save the Century . However , three days later ( Monday , November 24, 2008 ) , Mulyani knew that there was something hidden by the BI when KKSK took the decision .
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" Century was truly a troubled bank implied by BI after the KKSK 's decision was given . 's All Century securities bonds were matured from the initial period in early 2009, " Mulyani said on Friday as reported by Gilang Akbar testifying.

Mulyani then asked all members who KKSK 's BI 's Officials were also about the bonds mature . She saw that there was negligence in the BI 's supervision over the Bank Century since 2005 . BI analysis was so weak so it could not see the actual condition of the Bank Century .

" I was so disappointed , why did not the BI give the important information before November 21, 2008 . Why they explained it three days later , " Mulyani said .

The result , FPJP funds worth 623 billion USD still failed to save Bank Century , even the 6.7 trillion USD of the bailout could not help the banks , the which had now been renamed as Bank Mutiara . The Managing Director of the World Bank is now undergoing the examination as a witness in this case .


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