Monday, February 24, 2014

2015 Smartphone WiFi connection Bakal 7 Times Faster

The highest speed Wi-Fi network , 802.11ad will be present on mobile devices . Wireless chipset maker Wilocity announced it will showcase a prototype phone at the Mobile World Congress ( MWC ) 2014 in Barcelona which runs with 5 Gbps wireless network chip .( see also: lomba burung )

" Genersi upcoming wireless chipsets , dubbed Sparrow will join the chips used in laptops and tablets " says Mark Grodzinsky as Vice President of Marketing Wilocity , as quoted from Cnet .

The smartphone maker , said Grodzinsky , will integrate the chip into the phone in the second half of 2014 .

" You will see a phone with Wi - Fi high speed in the first half of 2015. Therefore we will send you samples of the chipset in the third quarter of 2014 , " said Grodzinsky .

Network technology is also called WiGig 802.11ad , using 60 GHz radio frequency band which is much higher than the spectrum of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz are used in Wi- Fi version of 802.11g , 802.11n , and 802.11ac .

This data transfer technology is much faster , but at the expense of range , the air can not absorb the energy of the radio signal to the fullest . That means WiGig may not be able to penetrate the wall .

" Lack of it at once becomes excess due to the Wi- Fi signal that there can not be used in different places . So Wi-Fi signal in the house can not be stolen , " said Grodzinsky .

It also makes a stable Wi-Fi network because not disturbed by neighboring Wi-Fi networks . " When there are 100 people in a room , everyone is in it will get the same speed of the network , " said Grodzinsky .
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In its development , WiGig has a speed seven times faster than WiFi 802.11ac , which has a speed of 7 Gbps . Even at the end of 2013 , German scientist claims to be developing a wireless technology that has a speed of 100 Gbps or 100 times faster than the speed of Google Fiber Internet access .


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